Commercial Real Estate Photography

High definition aerial shots of any commercial property.

aerial real estate SUrveying

Need new aerial shots or video footage for your marketing portfolio, big real estate deal or expansion? Tuckamore Aviation can deliver the specific shots you need. Whether it’s high definition aerial shots of buildings or 4k footage of your property, Tuckamore Aviation utilizes the smoothest and most versatile helicopter platform in Boston.

Our commercial real estate aerial photography takes into consideration the very precise requirements that our clients request to meet the specifications vital to their project. With a nice wide aerial view, equipment to safely fly over water, and space for 4 passengers, there's no shot we can't get.

Our experience working over downtown Boston and with Logan Tower's air traffic control allows us to shoot from almost any location in the city at a variety of altitudes. Whether it's over the rapidly developing Seaport or above densely populated areas, we have the experience to deliver superior results no matter the challenge. 

Tuckamore Aviation can supply local photographers and videographers who have the experience necessary to get the exact shot your company is looking for. Contact us today to experience our professionalism and reliability.

Commercial Real Estate PhotographyCommercial Real Estate PhotographyCommercial Real Estate Photography

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