corporate team building

A high-flying adventure your team will always remember.

team building helicopter training course

Group outings and team building activities are a great way of improving employee communication, morale, motivation and productivity — not to mention it's a fun break from the office! However, it can be a real challenge to find new ways of motivating and training your corporate team.

Step into an exciting world of adventure with Tuckamore Aviation's team building helicopter training course! Que the Top Gun music....Your team will undergo preflight briefings with our chief pilot to prepare them for their team building activities which includes a preflight briefing about helicopter flying, role playing safety briefings, equipment checks and more. We can even customize the trainings to focus on a specific team building skill if desired.

Once in the air teams will enjoy spectacular views of the Boston Skyline all while debating their favorite sights through their headsets. Once back on the ground they can present to the rest of the group their best photos from over Boston and lessons they've learned about team building or their co-workers. The connections they’ll make through this high-intensity adventure they'll bring back to the workplace and you'll see the benefits many times over.

Even the best teams can benefit from team building adventures, and year-after-year Boston's top ranked places to work incorporate team building activities and group outings to improve corporate culture and reward employees for a job well done. Seize the moment and contact us today for a high-flying adventure your team will always remember.

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